In Vietnam, New Virus Isolated From Patients With Severe Brain Infections

Researchers have identified a new virus in patients with severe brain infections in Vietnam. Further research is needed to determine whether the virus is responsible for the symptoms of disease.

The virus was found in a total of 28 out of 644 patients with severe brain infections in the study, corresponding to around 4%, but not in any of the 122 patients with non-infectious brain disorders that were tested.

Purdue Researchers Seek Treatment For New MERS Coronavirus

in the past created compounds to block the SARS virus are now tackling the new Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, or MERS-CoV.

The team's successful work on SARS paved the way for them to swiftly work on MERS CoV, reducing parts of the process that would normally take years to a matter of months, said Andrew Mesecar, the Walther Professor of Cancer Structural Biology and a professor of biological sciences and chemistry.

Advanced Breast Cancer Campaign, Here & Now, Launches In The UK As It's Revealed Nearly 8 In 10 Do Not Know That The Disease Is Incurable

New research shows significant disparities in UK public's awareness of advanced breast cancer (ABC)versus early breast cancer

Research Links Two Genes To Obesity And Health Disorders

Family DNA may influence development of Metabolic Syndrome

Primary Care Physicians Often Misdiagnose Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Researchers from The Tel-Aviv Medical Center found delays in diagnosis of cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) averaging 2 years in 42 patients who eventually underwent surgery. This is an important finding, because previous studies have shown that early diagnosis and treatment of CSM lead to better outcomes. The majority of patients initially sought a diagnosis for their symptoms from family physicians, who arrived at a correct diagnosis in only 4.8% of cases and never at the first clinic visit.